5ft x 3ft (150 x 90 cm) Have A Nice Day Matey Smiley Face Material Flag


About this item

Effective result with advanced technology: This ultrasonic mouse repellent produces different frequencies of ultrasonic waves to irritate the neuron and reproductive systems of mice, rodents, cockroaches, and other pests. All of them will feel frightening and get out of your place quickly.

Eco-friendly and high-quality material: The pest repeller indoor is designed with a new progressive version. Specially, this rat repellent ultrasonic does not use any chemicals or poisons and even no odor in your house. That brings a comfortable as normal life. Especially, mouse repellent is made from abs high-quality plastic that is durable and safe for human.

Easy to use: With the elegant modern design, the insect repellent makes it convenient for users. The simplest way to run the pest control device is to plug mouse sonic repellent in. This cockroach repellent is working in 3 modes ascending in the working frequency. Electronic bug repellent indoor allows you to choose the mode to fit your using purpose.

Applied range: To reach the best result, the ultrasonic pest repellent is appropriate for use in home, office, restaurant, factory, or other indoor spaces. The mice repellent does not cause any sound so it mostly does not disturb any activities in your spaces.

Customer satisfaction: If you feel unsatisfied with the effect of this indoor hornet trap, contact us soon. In one month, if you get any trouble when using the product, we will give you a better replacement option for this issue.



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