Grill and Smoker Thermometer


Wide temperature range of 100°F-900°F/50℃-450℃ for grilling wide range of BBQ.

Glow in the dark dial and pointer perfect for night grilling

Stainless steel casing for weather resistance, Encased in a stainless steel housing, the 4-inch long probe rod helps provide accurate temperature readings

Extra long probe rod for accurate temperature readings, Great for adding or replacing a gauge in your grill or smoker



MAN LAW is a collective brand of BBQ tools and accessories that takes pride in its premium quality.Grilling is a confluence of art and science, engineering and craft, mind and spatula. It requires accuracy and it uses tools so advance it glows when it’s dark and it can detect temperature ranging from 50 – 500 degrees Fahrenheit or the Celsius equivalent. This grill/smoker gauge from MAN LAW is one of those advance BBQ tools to aid you in coming up with a grilled masterpiece. The glow in the dark dial and pointer are ideal for night BBQ. It has a large 2.2-inch diameter dial for easy reading. The extra long probe is made of premium grade stainless steel and lets you measure temperature accurately so the result is a superior BBQ that appeals to all senses. Use this to add or replace a gauge in your grill or smoker. The extra long threads of the wing nut make installation easy.MAN LAW BBQ Tools and Accessories are the highest quality BBQ products available. PERIOD. These BBQ products are designed by men for men. Every Tool with the MAN LAW name is constructed with heavy duty materials. Each BBQ Tool is an oversized, heavy weight utensil with large, sturdy handles.


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