GrowFrasst | 100% Organic Bio-Stimulant, Fertilizer & Soil Enhancer | Cricket Frass (4-3-3) | 3.3 LBS (1.5 KG)

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  • BIO-STIMULANT: Tricks the plant to believe it is under attack by predators, resulting in higher yields & increase their immunity against insect infestations.
  • 100% ORGANIC FERTILIZER: Made entirely from the droppings of crickets with no fillers added.
  • IMPROVES NUTRIMENTS ABSORPTION: Amplifies the inoculation of mycorrhizal fungi.
  • LOCALLY PRODUCED: Comes directly from our zero-waste insect farm in Canada.
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY & EFFECTIVE: Local farmers have been using our Frass for growing vegetables. Frass is the safest and most effective when crickets are raised in an ideal environment. TEST


Composed entirely from the droppings of crickets, therefore 100% naturally-produced & organic. This premium grade frass is packed full of beneficial micro-organisms and natural plant growth catalyst that offers an assortment of biological benefits to your plants. It improves and extends the fertility of your potting mix by adding a balance of everlasting primary nutrients in a highly accessible form. Growfrasst will nurture healthy plant growth, improve root zone conditions and produce robust high yielding plants. Grevio’s GrowFrasst helps you grow bigger flowers that last longer. Increase the yield of your garden with environment-friendly organic fertilizer. Our insect Frass plant food delivers nutrients to the roots, resulting in bigger tomatoes, healthier buds, and stronger plants. It amplifies the activity of mycorrhizal fungi, which results in healthy growth. When sprinkling around the roots, it triggers a response that the plant is under attack, which releases compounds that increase immunity against infestation. An outstanding fertilizer for any plant-type for the production of resins. When plants are under their natural environment, they tend to grow faster, but if the soil isn’t properly nourished, it can lead to bad yield. Grevio’s GrowFrasst cricket Frass is not limited to gardens, you can use it on farms, containers, greenhouses, hanging baskets, and as a soil amendment & dressing. It is friendly with the environment, makes nutrients slowly available, and comes with a low impact that lasts for a season. This organic insect Frass can be used for potatoes, pepper, tomatoes, flowers, and more. It increases the pH level suitable for trees, perennials, and shrubs. Because the Frass is entirely made of cricket-droppings, it’s full of nutrients that plants require to grow. Plants that are treated with chitin, a component found in Frass, increase root by 5% and shoot the overall length by 28%. Grevio’s GrowFrasst cricket Frass doesn’t cause root burn, it’s 100


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