Orchid Insanity – Wilsonara Red Stars ‘Rooster’ – intensely red Flowers, Easy to Grow, floriferous on Larger Plants, NOT in-Bud/Bloom When Shipped (SD1 (Small Seedling))


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Easy to grow and bloom, highly floriferous after plant is grown to a large size. Please note: plants offered are seedling size, and NOT in-bud/bloom when shipped. Grow in bright, shady conditions, and avoid direct sun (which will burn the leaves). Fertilize with 1/4 strength plant food twice per month. Water about once to twice per week, however much needed to keep medium evenly moist. Can be grown in bark or New Zealand Sphagnum Moss.

Plants offered are seedling size; SD1 (small seedling) is about 24 months from reaching Blooming Size; SD2 (large seedling) is about 18 – 24 months from reaching Blooming Size. Leaves are thin, and as with many Oncidium/Odont types, spotting may appear on the leaf tips. This is purely cosmetic; please see photo of “Orchid Educational Alert #117”. If cosmetic flaws make you or your gift recipient nervous/stressed/worried/frustrated, please pass on this variety.

BUYER BEWARE: Before you purchase, please look carefully at the photo in this listing of Orchid Educational Alert #117, so you’re aware of purely cosmetic issues associated with Oncidium orchids! We’ve learned over the years shipping thousands of these that some buyers get needlessly upset with common cosmetic flaws on these plants. Sad But True Story: Try explaining to a buyer who is freaking out (and egged on by their mom, whose name may start with “K” and is a self-proclaimed…

(con’t)…orchid expert with all of 20 plants and knows everything about orchids because YouTube) that the spots/wrinkles/brown roots/etc are perfectly natural. It’s a near-impossible task, and just not worth the hassle to us as one of the top online orchid vendors in the USA. So, we’ve found it very helpful to educate potential buyers about how Oncidium orchids can and do look, and let the buyer decide for themselves. CAVEAT EMPTOR.

IMPORTANT NOTE: these plants are NOT IN BUD/BLOOM when shipped. PLEASE look at all the pictures in this listing so you know the condition/size of plant you’ll be getting.



It’s easy to see why this particular orchid was named ‘Rooster’ – it’s as red as a rooster’s comb and wattle, and if you look carefully at the lip of the blooms, you’ll see a pointy yellow structure that look very much like a rooster’s comb (i.e., the thing on top of a rooster’s head)! The flowers on these are a beautiful deep red, and well-grown mature plant can have 30 – 50+ flowers on a single spike! (Please note we’re not offering mature plants at this time.) We’re offering here seedling-sized plants: SD1 (small seedling size) are around 24 months from reaching Blooming Size, while SD2 (large seedling size) are around 12 – 18 months from reaching Blooming Size.


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