ROSELA Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Keep Under Hood Animal Away from Car with Battery Operated Motion Lights Outdoor Rodent Control Car Alarm (Pack of 2)

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  • Advanced technology vehicle pest control: This mice repellent emits powerful ultrasound and lights which help to prevent mice, martens, rats, chipmunks, rabbits, and other rodents from approaching your vehicle and chewing wires. The operating method is based on new rodent repellent ultrasonic technology that brings better results and less harm.
  • Unique design and safe for humans: The rodent repellent is fabricated with a modern black appearance. It allows people to put this squirrel repellent anywhere inconveniently. Two powered strobe light transmits signals that keep repelling and deter rodents from building nests on the car. The bat repellent does not use any chemicals or poison so it is safe for humans.
  • Saving energy: The ultrasonic rat repellent comes with a usb cable and a cable that you can plug into the vehicle power. Moreover, the ultrasonic pest repellent power can be replaced by 4 AA batteries that could last for a long time and apply in case the plug is far from the device. The plugin roach repeller device automatically works when the car stops without vibration, and it resumes work 10 seconds after the car’s parking.
  • Simple to use and wide application: Easily, you can start this pest control machine in three ways with three power supplies, and then press the power button to turn on. The plugin pest repeller will normally work to repel invading pests. The rodent repellent can be used not only for car: engine compartment, passenger compartment, trunk, hood car but also for garage, basement, warehouse, barn, shed, and room.
  • Excellent customer service: We stay here to bring you all the best products to solve your issue. We always have customer guaranteed policy for anyone who is not satisfied with the rat deterrent. If you have any questions about this mice repellent plug-in, feel free to contact us. We are willing to give you a replacement or a full refund for any inconvenience you got from the rodent deterrent.


Have you experienced the probelm of rodents which take shelter under the hood of your car? They build nests for feeding, resting, or breeding. These can cause considerable damage to the car. One urgent action having to do is to equip our ultrasonic pest repeller victor in order to solve your issue instantly. We promise to bring the best product quality and great customer guaranteed service. You never get any disappointment when buying from us. Power supplies and installation: It has three ways to install our rodent repellent ultrasonic indoor. A). Open the battery cover and put 4*AA batteries (not included), pay attention to the positive and negative charges. B). Connect to DC 5-12V adaptor (not included) with the USB cable. C). Connect to DC 5-12V vehicle power by included cable, link the two connectors with the vehicle power, black lead/negative(-), red lead/positive(+) For indoor use or car trunk, under hood Specification: 1. Power input: DC 5~12V 2. Working current: 5mA 3. Power consumption: 0.1W 4. Ultrasound frequency: 18-36kHz 5. Attachment: DC 5-12V vehicle power, USB cable, cable ties Package included: – 2 units of car pest repellent – 1 USB cable – 1 cable to vehicle power – 4 cable ties Notes: – Fix the device by included cable ties in the vehicle engine compartment, car, trunk, garage, living room, etc. – Press the power button to turn on the device, red indicator and blinding light starts to flash and it emits sound at 4kHz to indicate the device can work normally to repel invading pests. – For any concern or struggle with the using of this device, please feel free to contact us immediately.


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