RUNADI Fitness Hula Hoops – Durable 24 Detached Knots Smart Hula Hoop Weight Loss- 360-degree Auto-Spinning Weighted Hula Hoops for Adults and Kids

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  • Excellent hula hoop with 2 key functions – fitness and massage: The hula hoop for adults integrates 2 main functions to get maximum effectiveness and also makes it convenient when using this stomach exercise equipment. During the time, this weighted hula hoop is turning around, the soft rubber heads strongly massage, eliminates fat and fatigue built up in the body.
  • Smart design: The fitness hula hoop is created from 24 detached sections which can be disassembled and adjust following your waist size. This smart hula hoop is suitable for use in the family to lose weight. This hula hoop is ideal exercise equipment for home use.
  • Safe and convenient material: The hula hoop fitness is made of high premiere plastic. It is light, comfortable, and safe to work out and can prevent any damage in using time. The 360-degree shock-absorbing massage ring helps you to exercise comfortably as well as relieve labor pain in the lower back.
  • Fit everyone: Workout by this weighted hula hoops for adults is the ideal choice for anyone who needs to lose weight and improve their body. All people from beginners to experts find this workout equipment easy to use. You can adjust the number of segments to fit the size of your waist.
  • Good choice for indoor exercise: This smart hula hoop is suitable for those who need to lose weight or belly fat. You can exercise anytime and anywhere, not restricted by location. The weighted hula hoops for adults have a soft gravity ball to sculpt your body. Perfect for home, office, travel, the beach, etc.


Have you found any solution for your overweight or just workout to improve your health and body?

GADINO exercise hula hoop stays here to change your life and change your mind.

This indoor exercise equipment is an excellent item to keep your shape. We create exercise rings for adults to help burn body fat.

Why need to choose GADINO smart hula hoop?

– Put two functions into a weighted hula-hoop product to bring complete effect.

– Easy to use and adjust.

– Ideal no-drop design for everyone.

– Safe for use with high-quality material.


– Material: ABS plastic

– Size chart: 24 detached parts in total 52 inches for waist circumference

– Application: employees, fitness enthusiasts, students, mothers after birth, etc.


1. Open the connector of the weighted hoop.

2. Assemble the weighted ball for exercise by pressing the buttons.

3. Adjust the length by increasing or decreasing the number of the main body sections.


– Keep the speed of the fitness hoop stable and unchanging and relax your body.

– It is recommended that the adjustable hula hoop turn 30 minutes each time.

– Do not work out within 30 minutes before having a meal.

– Do not put the stomach exercise equipment around your neck.


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