RUNADI Solar Powered Mole Repellent – Upgrading Snake Repellent Technology – Ultrasonic Pest Repeller for Moles, Gophers, Rodents, Snakes – 2 Packs


  • Quick operation: The snake repellent outdoor is equipped with a solar-powered cell on the top. It saves energy from the sun during the daily time and continues working at night. That makes sure that the vole repellent operates all-day and the harmful critters can penetrate your space.
  • Outstanding result: The mole remover emits the sound every 30 seconds to repel burrowing animals effectively. It penetrates the soil and chases pests away out the area through which the sound is coming. The mole deterrent may take 2-3 weeks to get the best results of the squirrel repellent.
  • Eco-friendly to people and pets: This solar mole repellent works by emitting sound wave so it does not have any chemicals or poison. This gopher repellent meets the demand that brings safe substances for humans and keeps our earth green and clean.
  • Water-proof and durable: Constructed with high-quality ABS plastic, the mole trap is designed for pest repellent ultrasonic outdoor in patio, lawn, and garden. Especially, the animal repellent for garden is designed in a close system. It means that the mole trap is totally waterproof and can work remarkably in every weather condition.
  • Lifetime warranty: Our target is to bring a better product of mole remover solar than other ones being sold in the market now. All your concerns will be answered by contacting us. We always give you a replacement or a full refund if you find any unsatisfied when shopping here.


Follow these steps to install:

1. Make a pilot hole with a wooden or steel rod.

2. Press the “ON” button in the solar-powered rodent repeller.

3. Insert the chipmunk repellent into the ground and keep it 2 inches above the soil.


1. Solar Panel: 2V 20mA

2. Battery type: 1.2V H80 100mA Ni-Mh

3. Frequency: 400+/-1000Hz

4. Working way: buzzer

5. Material: ABS Plastic

6. Effective area: 7000+ sq.ft


– Turn on the rat repellent before 4-5 hours in the sun to get a full charge and ready for use.

– The best place to set up is humid clay. Because it conducts sound well. Dry, sandy, or peat soil does not conduct the sonic waves as easily so that the squirrel spikes could be less effective.

– The animal deterrent outdoor is different from other traditional gopher traps. It is patient to see the best result. These harmful animals will flee away after 2-3 weeks.


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