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The world’s friendliest, most innovative way to catch spiders! Had enough of chasing spiders around the house? The pink Spider Catcher allows you to remove spiders and bugs without harming them! Spider Catcher is 65cm long, so perfect for reaching ceilings and awkward corners. Controlled by a trigger handle, the unbreakable nylon bristles surround the insect and hold it securely, without harming, for release elsewhere. A must-have gadget for people afraid of spiders or other insects, keeping you at a comfortable distance and allowing you to remove bugs without assistance.Great fun for kids, who will love to help remove spiders! Spider Catcher is ideal for campers, caravaners, gardeners, or boating enthusiasts who love the outdoor life but don’t particularly enjoy being overrun by insects. It has been tested on hundreds of spiders and never harmed a single one. It is gentle enough to catch daddy-long-legs, butterflies, and moths without hurting their delicate legs or wings. Also kind to the environment, no batteries required! On a visit to Ireland, the Prince of Wales was given a present of a Spider Catcher. The Prince was so impressed with the environmentally friendly product that he had a letter sent praising the invention. This unique invention was awarded the Geneva Gold Medal with Distinction. Featured on Big Breakfast, Tomorrows World and has been endorsed by Trevor Bayliss OBE, inventor of the Clockwork Radio.


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