Union Jack British Flag / 2 by 3 Feet / Approximately 60 by 90 Centimetres / with Eyelets / For Outdoor or Indoor Use


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THE PERFECT GIFT! This 2 foot (60 cm) by 3 foot (91 cm) Union Jack British Flag really makes the grade! Sturdily constructed with 2 brass eyelets and made from durable polyester, this Union Jack flag works outdoors (on a flag pole for home or office) or for indoors (wall hanging or perfect as tablecloth for get–togethers). Perfect for schools! Union Jack collectables are perfect for display and everyday use! We love this flag…so durable and it comes in a highly attractive package!

HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER! Souvenir Union Jack flags are great for all occasions! Collect all of our souvenir flags so you can have the complete set! This Union Jack flag is large enough for a charming, bold display on a flag pole. Its eyelets are durable and well-built, and the polyester of the flag will stand up to all seasons display and use! We love Union Jack flag collectables! A UK Classic!

CHARMING AND BOLD! We like this souvenir Union Jack Flag (British Collectivises) as an outdoor statement. Can be displayed on a flag pole, used as a tablecloth or backdrop for a cookout or picnic, and is large enough to hang on a door or wall indoors! Perfect for office, dormitory or school! Makes a wonderful addition to any home, polyester is designed for hard use! We love the size: 2’ x 3’…British Heritage Collectables at their level best!

STYLISH AND MODERN. Britain is THE place to be! We think that a collectable Union Jack British flag souvenir is solid and durable, truly the affordable reminder of a London adventure! Flags have a way of showing pride and accomplishment! Union Jack souvenir collectables are so modern, so relevant and attractive! We offer magnets, pencils, school sets and lapel pins! Collect them all!

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What a great gift! This collectable, stylish Union Jack flag is a must for every serious collector and traveller! Durable, all-weather polyester, comes with two built-in brass eyelets for display! This collectable souvenir will be just the perfect piece to accentuate any holiday or party! Display your pride of place at home or on the go with this large flag! Collect all of our Union Jack souvenirs and have the complete set! We LOVE this flag! Collect magnets also! This Union Jack British Flag is a wonderfully collectable British souvenir and is made of long-lasting polyester! It is not just a British collectable flag souvenir but also an interesting reminder of memories of London, England. We like the material, we love the packaging, and we know that it’ll make a perfect souvenir or very appreciated surprise gift! Every home needs a Union Jack /British flag souvenir to treasure forever! Now available in multiples for complete coverage! Makes a great Stocking Stuffer or Filler gift!


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