WAFCOL Croquettes pour Chien Adulte Végétarien 15 kg


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Wafcol Vegetarian Complete Dry Dog Food is a nutritionally balanced dog food that is designed to provide a very tasty vegetarian meal for the active dog. This outstanding food has been approved by the Vegetarian Society! Dogs are omnivores, just like humans, meaning that they do not need to rely on a meat based diet to survive. Wafcol Vegetarian dog food is also great for use when a meat allergy is suspected.Wafcol dog food contains a balanced level of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to help provide maintenance care and is gentle on the digestive system.Teeth are kept healthy as the crunchy nuggets help to remove plaque and reduce tartar build up, leading to better oral health, helping to prevent gum disease.This tasty hypo allergenic dog food does not contain wheat gluten and is best suited to active dogs in normal condition, with a tendency to suffer from sensitive, itchy skin or sensitivity problems with the digestion of normal food.Weight: 15kgFlavour: Vegetarian NaturalSuitable for: Adult dogs


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