YOUNGJU HOMI Premium Quality Hand Plow Hoe with Safety Cover for Easy Gardening, Weeding and Farming Made by Korean Master Blacksmith


✔️ Premium Quality : Sturdy and durable premium 100% hand-made garden tools by a Korean black smith “No-Ki, Seok” who has made Homi during his entire life ✔️ Versatile and Brilliant : Containing the wisdom of Korean ancestors who had cultivated for a long time, The Homi is developed for the diverse purposes : Digging, grounding, removing all kinds of weeds, seeding, planting, etc. ✔️ Safty Cover : Synthetic leather cover with a precise logo is our pride and a special feature distinct from others. It’ll makes you a big difference using these tools. ✔️ Give You the best : Once you’ve used our product, you’ve got a whole new world on your gardening and farming. You’ll see. ✔️ Order right away before it’s sold out : Because it is produced in a traditional way by skilled masters, you may have to wait a long time if you don’t order the moment you see it.



With YOUNGJU HOMI, You are already the best gardener. “Youngju Homi” contains the wisdom of Korea’s ancestors used throughout its long agricultural history. Youngju Homi is famous for being introduced over Korean broadcasting with the craftsmanship and excellent quality of ‘No-Ki, Seok’, a master craftsman who has followed the traditional Homi manufacturing method for 40 years. The iron part of the Homi is made from car springs which is tempered several times at a high temperature, so it is very strong and durable. The Homi’s sturdy timber handle, utilizing the most appropriate grip angle, enables you use this tool efficiently for various purposes. In particular, our product provides a separate synthetic leather cover for safety to help prevent injury, making it both easy to store and to carry it portable. Our company has developed this cover which is a great and important part of this product for everyone who wants to use this super tool but is afraid it’s sharpness. Precaution : As synthetic leather cover is somewhat vulnerable to heat and water, keep it out water and direct sunlight. If Homi cover is contaminated with something like wet soil, gently wash it and dry it in the shade and rinse and dry Homi before covering.


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