Zembra Moringa Oleifera Dried Seeds Pack 10 ounces. (1000 Seeds approximately) Organically Grown – Malunggay Drumstick Tree Edible Seeds


About this item

Planted, harvested and packed: For your peace of mind and safety

Get 1000+ seeds: Air sealed for vitamins, nutrients & antioxidants retention

Energy and immunity: Safe to Consume. Just peel the husk, swallow & enjoy

Pkm1 variety: Ideal for planting. With 85%+ germination rate. Create a garden

Trusted by thousands: Highest review count on Amazon. Satisfaction guaranteed



Enjoy The New You With Moringa Oleifera Seeds! If you are struggling with poor immune system. If you feel weak and tired all the time. If you have had enough with ineffective energy supplements! If you worry about poorly harvested Moringa seeds. If any of the above rings a bell to you, then you should definitely keep on reading. We have the greatest Moringa Oleifera seeds harvested for you. Meet all your daily and nutritional needs with just a few seeds per day! No harmful medications. No horse like pills. No weird and chemical like flavors. Reap All The Moringa Oleifera Seed Benefits… Starting From Today! Did you know that… Moringa seeds have … more vitamin C than oranges? … four times more Calcium than a glass of milk? … three times more Potassium than a banana? … two times more Protein than yoghurt? Our Moringa Drumstick Tree seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals the human body needs to survive. Thanks to their high concentrate in antioxidants, fibers and cholesterol fighting qualities, these seeds are an absolute must have addition to your daily regime. These Moringa seeds could lower your cholesterol levels and balance blood sugar, support a healthy heart, trigger weight loss, enhance your hair and skin texture, ameliorate your eyesight, replenish your energy banks, facilitate sleeping time, and improve your overall health. Easy To Enjoy Even On The Go! One of the greatest things about these Moringa Oleifera Seeds is the fact that you can enjoy them anyhow you want. Our fried seeds can be eaten like nuts or added to cereals, cakes, bread and trail mixes. Prepare your energy boost pack today. What are you waiting for? Scroll Up & Click Add To Cart Now! If you are pregnant, we recommend consulting with a doctor before consuming moringa


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