Czaja PentaBeauty Fire Bowl 31 Inch


About this item Fireplace diameter 31 inches; Bowl is 6 inches deep Fire pit weighs 38 pounds, feet unscrewed Material: steel, Material strength: 0.10 inches Made in Germany



Beautify Your GardenSolar water fountain comes with 4 spray head in different spray pattern, choose any one spray water pattern you like. Birds, butterflies and other small animals will be attracted to here, makes your garden more dynamic and beautiful.SPECIFICATION1. Solar panel: 7V/1.4W, Diameter: 6.3″2. Brushless pump input: DC 4.5-10V3. Maximum quantity of flow: 40gallons/H5. Maximum delivery height: 18″, Regular: 10~15″6. Minimum water depth in fountain should be 1 3/4″CAUTION1. Be sure to put enough water in the fountain especially on sunny days; always keep the pump under the water surface2. Change water frequently to keep the water clean to avoid any dirt to block the pump3. Be careful to protect the solar panel to avoid any damage4. Keep the surface of solar panel clean constantlyUSING STEPS1. Remove the film which covers the solar panel before using2. Make sure there is no leaf or anything else shade a part of solar panel3. Ensure the pump under the enough sunshine, suggested in the midday sunshine4. Pull out of the plug, the head part firstly, and make the pump work for seconds to let the air go out of the pump5. Then put on the plug to see if it could work well


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