Mole Repellent Solar Powered 4 Packs – Sonic Mole Deterrent Spikes,Snake Gopher Vole Repellent for Lawn Garden & Yard – Gopher Deterrent – Groundhog Repeller Black


– Impressive Coverage Area: The remarkable range of a single vole trap provides coverage for approximately 7000 square feet, making it highly effective over extensive areas. To cover larger areas, it is advisable to deploy multiple mole removal products. Solar-powered gopher repellents typically take around two weeks on average to completely eliminate pests from the yard.

– Ultrasonic waves: Ultrasonic waves are utilized in ultrasonic rat repellents to emit regular low-frequency pulses ranging from 400 to 1000Hz every thirty seconds. These pulses take advantage of the heightened auditory sensitivity of burrowing creatures such as moles, voles, and rats to effectively deter them.

– Robust ABS Plastic Enclosure: The repellent is encased in robust ABS plastic, shielding it from moles, voles, and snakes. This waterproof casing ensures protection against outdoor elements, and its sturdy construction, resistant to snake threats, ensures the product remains unharmed even in extreme weather conditions.

– Solar-Powered Efficiency: Each unit in a set of four solar-powered ultrasonic mole repellents features a solar cell that efficiently captures sunlight and converts it into energy. This sustains power for approximately three to five days, ensuring consistent functionality. The setup and operation of these mole traps are simple and hassle-free.

– For family safety assurance: The snake repellent provides an effective safeguard against moles, voles, and snakes without the use of chemicals, ensuring safety for both individuals and the environment. The product is registered with the EPA under the number 101385-CHN-1, affirming its compliance with safety and environmental regulations.



Moles can damage plants and create tunnel mounds that attract other burrowing rodents, posing threats to the garden ecosystem. For those seeking an eco-friendly solution to this issue without harming the environment, solar-powered gopher repellents offer a viable option. These devices utilize ultrasonic waves to deter moles and other burrowing pests without the need for harmful chemicals or traps, providing an environmentally conscious approach to pest control.

How to use

1. To activate the mole and gopher repellent, simply press the “”””””””ON”””””””” button.

2. Then, prepare a pilot hole using either a steel or wooden rod.

3. Position the mole or vole repellent in the soil, ensuring it’s placed approximately 2 inches above the ground surface.


Effective Area: 7,000 sq. ft.

Frequency: 400+/-1000Hz

Solar power is a source of power

Work in a buzzer

ABS plastic material


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