Ultimate Western BBQ Smoking Wood Chips Variety Pack Bundle (3)- Apple, Pecan, and Cherry Flavors


Variety 3 Western Premium BBQ Smoking Chips (Flavors: Apple, Cherry, Pecan), 180 Cubic Inches per bag Can be used with: Charcoal, Gas or Ceramic Grills. Griddles or Kettle Grills. Electric Smokers Use the flavors separately or mix the woods together to create a unique flavor of your own Try with these American favorites: Hamburgers, Whole Chicken, BBQ Smoked Wings, or Baby Back or Spare Ribs Made in the USA



As the BBQ Wood Experts, WESTERN Premium BBQ Products have become a leader in the BBQ ‎‎Culture. From Competition Pitmasters to Restaurant Chefs to the Backyard Griller, we bring ‎everyone ‎together in celebration of all that is BBQ. WESTERN Premium BBQ Products ‎provide the finest ‎BBQ wood for just ‎about any type of grill along with other accessories to turn a cook-out into a ‎BBQ Experience. The WESTERN PREMIUM WOOD CHIPS 3 PACK VARIETY BUNDLE is essential to taking your BBQ ‎‎experience to the next level. With the variety bundle you will be able to enjoy three different flavors or make a combination of ‎‎smoking chips for unique flavors. The Premium‎ BBQ Smoking Chip Variety Pack is perfect: ✔ When you are trying out wood smoke flavor for the first time ✔ When making your own flavor combination ✔ As a gift for your favorite BBQ Enthusiast Recommended Use: Apple BBQ Smoking Chips – All Around Great Flavor Great for pork, beef and vegetables Cherry BBQ Smoking Chips – Tangy & Mild Great for chicken, sausages and fish Pecan BBQ Smoking Chips – A Sweet Barbeque Flavor Classic Great for beef, pork and lamb


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