RUNADI Electronic Pest Control Devices – Ultrasonic Pest Repeller


Upgraded mouse repeller: New upgraded model with advanced chip and technology of this mouse repeller operates the ultrasonic waves to repel mosquitoes, mice, mice, ants, spiders, roaches, rodents, rats, and so on without noises and odors. Safe and environment friendly: This indoor pest repeller is extremely environment-friendly and safe for your family and pets. No chemicals, no odors, no poisons, and no nasty dead insects or rats are left in your home. Easy to use: Plug the ultrasonic mice repeller into a wall socket and when you see the blue light, it already works. Since the sound can not pass the walls so you should have one piece of rodent repeller per room for maximum effects. Wide control area & coverage: The upgraded chip of this mosquito repeller helps to enlarge the sound waves to cover up to 240 m2 per unit. The spider repeller indoor can achieve the best effect in the unblocked space. Customer services: Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry or issue related to the bug repeller or the order purchased, we already prepare to resolve your problem as soon as possible.



Normally, please wait 10 – 15 days to see the typical results. Before that day, you will see the increase of insects as they are getting away from their living nest after facing the effect of the sound waves. But they will disappear day by day to no longer appear. So please wait patiently.Specification:- Rated frequency: 0.05KHz (50Hz). Frequency is less than 20kHz- Rated voltage: AC220V- Quantity: 2 units- Health Canada Pest Control Product Registration Number: 31743Instruction for uses:- Clean the device with dry and soft tissues or cloths, avoid using impregnation, damp, or wet cloths directly.- Use for indoors only and plugin the socket in a height 25 – 50 cm from the floor to induce crawling insects, 75-100cm to induce flying insects…- Do not fix or repair it by yourself if it is damaged, please contact us or ask for professional technicals.- Do not cover the device with curtains, furniture, or audio devices when it is working.


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