Triclopyr 4 EC Compare to Garlon 4 and Remedy 1 Quart


About this item Triclopyr 61.6% Triclopyr 4 can be used similar to Garlon 4 to control brush and trees in pastures, rangelands, right of ways, lawns, golf courses, sod farms, industrial properties, and ditches The mix rate for triclopyr is 3.2oz to 6.4oz per gallon. Triclopyr is more effective if mixed with a bark penetrent like methylated seed oil.



Triclopyr 4 herbicide provides broad spectrum control of select woody brush & broadleaf weeds. Control tough vegetation with year-round flexible application options. Triclopyr 4 has a wide variety of applications, including turf, forestry, range pastures, rights-of-way, and on non-irrigation ditch banks. Ester formulation Selective control – little or no impact on grasses Ideal for pasture restoration Permissible to treat seasonably dry wetlands Tank mix compatible (as directed on label) High and low application rates, including aerial Easily absorbed through leaves and roots Foliar and Basal treatments Weeds controlled but not limited too include: Salt Cedar Canada Thistle Mustard Purple Loosestrife Gallberry Wax Myrtle Blackberry


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