Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer – Accurate Weather Station with Rain Sensor and Atomic Clock


Accurate temperature and humidity: Our weather station uses advanced chips and processes to more accurately monitor the weather around your home. Temperature accuracy: +/- 1°F, Humidity accuracy: +/- 2%. Multifunctional weather forecaster with color display: The color display can clearly read indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity information, weather forecast, atmospheric pressure index, moon phase, date, and provide comfort indication, temperature alarm, etc. Atomic clock weather station with WWVB function: You can set the time zone (PST-MST-CST-EST). The weather station will be adjusted in real time daily via the WWVB feature. The DST feature ensures your time is accurate during Daylight Savings Time. Support up to 3 high-precision sensors: This wireless weather station has three indoor and outdoor universal channels, which can monitor the conditions around your home in multiple directions. Such as living room, bedroom, office, garage, outdoor, chicken coop, vegetable shed, etc. Note: 1 sensor is included in the package 5.0V AC Adapter for Room Thermometer: When powered by the adapter, you can set 5 adjustable brightness levels: 25% increments. When powered by alkaline batteries (not included), in order to save power, the backlight turns off after 15 seconds. It is recommended to use an adapter for power supply. The main purpose of the battery is to back up data.



Product Description”Weather Station Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer▲RCC functionv ▲High-definition color display▲12/24-hour format▲Snooze alarm clock▲Temperature (℃ or ℉ can be switched)▲Moon phase display▲Calendar▲Comfort indicator▲Weather forecast.▲Max/min indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity with trend display▲Able to connect up to 3 wireless outdoor sensors1.Weather Station✔️Power adapter: 5 V⎓1.2 A or Battery: 3 × 1.5 V A A A✔️Temperature range: 32°F ~ 122°F✔️Humidity range: 10% to 99 % relative humidity✔️Barometric and weather data detection and sending period: every 1 hour2.Wireless Outdoor Sensor✔️Battery:2 × 1.5 V A A A (Not included)✔️Temperature measuring range: – 40°F to 158°F✔️Transmission frequency: 433.92 MHz✔️Range: max.328 ft (100 meters) (in open area)✔️Temperature and humidity data detection and sending period: every 30 secondsNOTE: only 1 remote sensor is included in the package.”


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